Welcome to TAWiFi.com.

We provide high-speed wireless Internet to the TransAmerica building and surrounding area of downtown Tucson, AZ. Currently the network and this site are under construction. We are expecting a full network rollout sometime around December 2004. Below is the expected coverage area of our service in the first phase of deployment. As of this time access is only allowed via dedicated Point-to-Point using high gain antenna, currently tested distance is 3.5 miles. All Point-to-Point links are established with WEP encryption and tunneled via IPSEC.

Local hotspot access will be primarily based on the first floor of the TransAmerica building.

If you are a current client of Proroom Communications High Speed access in the TransAmerica Building hot spot access will be provided throughout the building as well as your normal in wall plug. Most conference rooms will have wireless access as well. For more information please e-mail: ta@tawifi.com

*Light red area indicated local hotspot access.
*Light teal area indicates Point-to-Point access via external antenna


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